Krimston Two

Duality merged

Dual SIM capability, hotspot connectivity, power bank possibility, message ability and calling facility in one sleek phone sleeve

Bridging the divide

A 1 phone solution to
a 2 SIM card problem

A tale of unrequited love. 2 SIM cards, 2 iPhones. Always divided, never meeting. Along comes TWO, the hero of long distance relationships. With the use of its sleek slim body and its savvy app it brings the 2 together in an inspiring triumph over excessive hardware. Never again to be split in 2 phones, forever unified by the power of TWO.

The full package

Designed as a handset without a screen TWO contains everything you need from a phone and more

We like things simple. Insert the SIM, clip on TWO, download the app. The rest is so easy your great- grandparents could figure it out. At your disposal is everything you could need from your primary SIM... your contacts, your messages, your recent calls, Wi-Fi from 3g hotspot, we even threw in a power bank. Pretty, smart, and eager to please...
TWO is the full package.

Keeping you connected

Generating a smart Wi-Fi hotspot from 3g to keep you online

Continuous internet at local rates and no roaming charges? Yes, please. Wi-Fi draining the battery? No, thanks. TWO knows what's up. It monitors your internet activity and adjusts the Wi-Fi signal accordingly, giving you the maximum battery life possible without worrying about having to sever your connection to the world wide web.

Emergency fuel

Offering its battery as a reserve TWO doubles as a portable charger

Just like that afternoon caffeine fix, sometimes you need to forget about everything and find a boost of energy to get you through the day. So we added a button that turns off all of TWO's features and converts it into a power bank to fuel your iPhone.

How it all started

A story of innovation and creation

We like to travel...for business, for pleasure, whatever. But we wanted to keep our phone bills down so we'd have more money to spend on cheesy souvenirs. So we did what most people do, we bought local SIMS to use for 3g and national calls. In theory it was a great idea, street-smart and cost effective, but in practice it was clumsy, awkward, and confusing managing 2 iPhones to accommodate our different SIM cards. The only solution at the time was to give up our beloved handset and trade it in for a dual-SIM phone. But when it came down to it, we just didn't have the heart to do it. Letting go of our beloved phone proved too much to bear. So in a desperate attempt to hang on to the familiar feel of the iPhone6 in our palm we brainstormed a solution. We then met with innovators across the globe... America, Lebanon, India... and worked together to make that solution a reality. And so, for us and for the world, we gave life to TWO.

The team

The brains, the beauty, the risk taker, the business shaker, the innovator, the calculator, the money maker. We found each other. We worked hard. We partied hard. We created. We innovated.

With our powers combined we bring you Krimston Two

Fouad Fattal
With a Computer & Communication Engineering Degree from St Joseph University/Beirut, Fouad started his career by acting as the project manager of a workflow solution dedicated to advertising agencies (Job Tracking System - JTS) at Layout Ltd. His strategic role in the business development sector of the company led to the establishment of a solid distribution network across the Middle East, leading to strong relationships in the region that then catered to marketing multiple products held by the company.

Fouad then decided to move to the entrepreneurship world and founded his first firm, Distimania SARL in 2009, which specializes in the distribution of innovative high end IT accessories in Lebanon and across the Mena region. In less then a few month, Distimania SARL thrived its way into becoming among the key distributors at all top retailers of the country known for its continuous unique and trendy portfolio of gadgets in the multimedia world. Ambitious by nature, Fouad is currently the founder and CEO of Krimston SAL, leading the project to the success it deserves.
Nabil Nasr
With a bachelor of Art in Multimedia Design and a Masters in 3D animation Nabil Nasr quickly set up his own company by the name of hedgehog in Lebanon. At the age of 23 Nabil Nasr was already managing a company of 20 employees. The portfolio of Hedgehog grew and recently has been awarded Procter and Gamble House of Recommendation for outstanding quality both in work and project management. Over the years Hedgehog has diversified its business to serving not just the post production world but also the TV broadcast. Rolling out the first fully loaded HD Obtruck in Lebanon, Hedgehog continues to venture into areas of the business untouched in the region.

When it comes to Krimston, Nabil Nasr is the founder of the dual sleeve idea and has followed through the entire process to making this idea a reality.
Walid Rizk
Partner / Board Member
Walid Rizk is a management consultant with more than nine years of experience. He is currently with A.T. Kearney, and was previously with Booz & Company and Booz Allen Hamilton where he led multiple engagements with public and private sector clients across sectors, including strategies and business plans, market studies and feasibility assessments, due diligence, organizational design and restructuring, and industrial and regional development projects.

Walid holds an MBA from INSEAD in France/Singapore, a Master of Science in Management (Grande Ecole Program) from ESSEC Business School in France, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the Lebanese American University in Byblos.
Bassem Boustany
Partner / Board Member
Bassem Boustany, CFA, FRM is an Executive Manager in the International Banking Group of National Bank of Kuwait (NBK). He currently heads the Corporate Banking for the international branches outside of MENA. He is also member of various management committees. Former NBK appointments include head of Structured Products and Derivatives. Bassem has a rich experience in Treasury, hedging and speculative derivatives, fixed income investments and corporate banking.

Bassem holds a BE in Biomedical Engineering from St Joseph University (ESIB), is a CFA Charterholder, and holds the FRM designation. He has participated in a number of Executive Programs at Harvard Business School, and American University of Beirut.
Ghassan Hasbani
Partner / Board Member
Ghassan Hasbani is a business executive, a renowned telecom and technology industry figure and an award winning CEO. After being the partner in charge of the telecommunications, media and technology practice in the Middle East at Booz & Company, Ghassan moved to become the Chief Executive Officer of the International Operations of Saudi Telecom Company (the largest telecommunications operator in the Middle East, operating in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa with over 160 million subscribers).

He is currently the founder and CEO of Graycoats, a management and business development consulting firm. Ghassan is an expert in economics, investments and operations of the emerging digital economy and technologies with more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications and technology operations, strategy and management. He is also active with the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council as a member. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree with first class honors and an MBA form the UK.
Nicolas Sehnaoui
Partner / Board Member
Born in 1967 and married with three kids, Nicolas Sehnaoui served as the Minister of Telecommunications of the Republic of Lebanon between June 2011 and February 2014. He successfully upgraded Lebanon's telecommunications infrastructure rolling out 3G and 4G, securing reddundancy on the international connectivity, launching a national Fiber Optic Backbone and Beirut Digital District to name only a few of his accomplishments.

His efforts where crowned by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union that ranked Lebanon 1st in progress out of 157 countries in the 2012 ICT Development Index.

Prior to taking office Sehnaoui successfully managed several companies across a variety of industries. He now chairs the UK Lebanon Tech Hub that aims at creating a corridor between Lebanon and England to allow Lebanese ICT entrepreneurs to access the world supply chain through the London plateform.
Walid Hanna
Walid Hanna, Managing Partner Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP)
Walid has been active in venture capital and in new venture development for the past 15 years. Walid has founded, co-founded, invested in, and led more than 30 investments/companies spanning a range of industries, including technology, consumer finance, and hospitality.

MEVP currently manages 4 regional Funds with Assets Under Management north of USD 100M.
Walid holds a Bachelor's of Economics from McGill University (Canada), and a Master's in Finance from Hautes أ‰tudes Commerciales, H.E.C (France).
Raja Gedeon
Raja has 15 years of experience in the field of Corporate Finance, Real Estate, Management Consulting and Private Equity in the UK, US and Middle East, having also personally invested in various sectors including property, technology and F&B.
Most recently set up and ran an Operations and Maintenance Business alongside a leading Contracting firm in Saudi Arabia.
Prior to that worked for TPG Capital, a global multi-platform private equity firm with over $65 billion under management, and established the Middle East Satellite office; involved in fundraising activities, managing institutional and individual investors, and co-investments processes; portfolio companies covered multiple sectors including telecom and technology.

Whilst at Jones Lang LaSalle in the UK, Raja was involved in assessing, valuing and managing M&A processes of property development companies consisting of £100m+ portfolio of assets as well as representing a large bank on its £200m sale and leaseback of its European offices portfolio.

Other roles included management consulting at Booz&Co, where he led multiple projects comprising new market entry strategies and organizational design in the telecom and financial services sectors and investment banking at Merrill Lynch & Co in New York, USA.

Raja graduated from Imperial College London with a Bachelors in Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering and subsequently received a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree from London Business School..
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